Saturday, December 28, 2013

Malta & Gozo by The Lonely Planet

Malta & Gozo by The Lonely Planet

Malta and Gozo are both very small islands in the midst of the Mediterranean Sea. The Professor and I had the wonderful opportunity to visit in the summer of 2013. The trip itself was a strange and incredible experience; we visited ancient ruins, dined with interesting people, met with the minister of Finance in the Palace of Aragon, and dipped our toes in what HP would describe as “Gin blue waters.” Before our trip, we picked up this guidebook to give ourselves a crash course in the Islands.

The book itself isn’t very good. I have complaints about the way it is organized, and the appalling lack of pictures, given how cinematic the settings it describes can be. Instead, we get entirely too much focus on specific restaurants.

This is the second or third time I’ve been less-than-dazzled by the Lonely Planet as a publisher of guidebooks. Time to try a different press.

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