Saturday, July 14, 2007

The Talisman by Stephen King

This is one of the more beloved books by many King fans, I believe. So I decided to take it with me on our trip to Thailand and read through it again. Last time for me had been in High School, where I believe my old friend S.G. had really enjoyed this one.

Talisman has never been one of my favorites, and now I remember why. It’s a young man’s journey across the 80’s US and a parallel dimension called the territories. Evil chases him because he’s a sort of chosen one who can rescue the talisman and stop a wicked plan to make the territories as bad as the US. His dying mother is caught up in things as well…

A few of the characters are interesting. A few are wholly unbelievable. (“All boys are baaaaad! Axiomatic!”) All of the usual King writing style characteristics are here, and as a frowning look at mid eighties America, I suppose there’s a little substance. But overall, it’s a fun idea whose execution is a bit forced, and which goes on both way too long, and not long enough to be epic.

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