Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Belle de Jour by Anonymous

Belle won a number of awards a few years ago for her blog. At became a fan of her keen eye and lurid details back then, and was pleased to read a fuller account of her life. Belle is a high-priced call girl who lives in London. She writes a diary of her adventures, romantic, sexual, and otherwise. Her account is chock full of keen observations on people in general and Londoners in particular. It’s also quite shockingly sordid at points. So if there’s much on the internet pornosphere that disgusts or upsets you, this probably isn’t the book for you. She covers almost all of the same kinds of topics that, say, the syndicated column Savage Love addresses, albeit with far greater charm, wit and verve.

There never any real resolution here. Belle lives, works, dines out with friends, goes to visit her mum, and so on. But she’s a charming lady to get to know, and there are plenty of juicy sex tips.

I purchased this one for a few pounds in Oxford England while over there visiting some fine developers. I read the whole thing over the course of an afternoon at the MalMaison. Somehow, I think it was the kind of place of which Belle might approve.

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