Friday, December 19, 2003

Okay. I've got it. This works, and is pretty easy to use. I'll try to start giving it a few minutes each day.

For now, since my lovely finacee is gone, and I'm still a little too hungover and broke to feel like drinking, I'll just keep reading. I'm trying to finish up _Earth Abides_ tonight, so I can move on to some other stuff. In the mean time, here are my .02 on the book I just finished...

Hell House by Richard Matheson
Hell House was written in the early 70’s, and I expect that it wasn’t a cliché at that time. Plot, loosely: a diverse group of people must spend several days in a haunted house, which was once the scene of a grisly orgy. The book was written with Matheson’s usual pulp style. Some of the descriptions were pretty fucking creepy. The Marquis de Sade type figure who ran the house was a good villan; some of the scenes of the ‘roman circus’ orgies were pretty visceral. Not much else here, but this is a classic horror novel, the basis for MANY films and novels since.

Out for now. Will post review of EA later, probably tomorrow.