Saturday, December 28, 2013

In Other Worlds by Margret Atwood

In Other Worlds by Margret Atwood

Atwood grew up on science fiction. Then she became one of the top five writers of the genre (Currently living? Women sci-fi writers? Canadian writers? Why do I feel a need to further pinpoint her position in the firmament? Top sci-fi writer. Let’s leave it at that.)

In Other Worlds is Atwood’s loving retrospective and gentle effort at critiquing some of her favorites from the golden age of Science Fiction. Along the way we get a lot of autobiographical asides, and a pretty good look at why she writes the kind of fiction she writes.

Read this one as part of my Atwood binge in Q3 of this year. Thoroughly enjoyed it, but it’s only for Atwood buffs or big sci-fi fans, or both.

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