Saturday, December 28, 2013

Killing Yourself to Live by Chuck Klosterman

Killing Yourself to Live by Chuck Klosterman

Why are we so obsessed with dead rock stars? What makes them so much more interesting than living rock stars? Why is this such a reliably good career move? (Consider well, Miley…)

Klosterman flirts with these questions while taking a road trip around the US and visiting the site of a number of famous rock star deaths (from that famous plane crash forever remembered as The Day the Music Died, to the more recent tragic nightclub fire at a Great White concert.) Along the way he gives us good young Klosterman gonzo journalism, getting wasted and thinking about girls.

This is great stuff if you’re into pop culture, snarky thinking, rock n’ roll, Americana, or anything else in the usual Klosterman wheelhouse.

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