Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year's Eve 2012

Just in the nick of time, all the book reviews from this year are up! I know this will let all my dedicated readers breathe a sigh of relief. Unfortunately, there's some kind of a bug saving the "Link List" on the side of the page. I've spent 15 minutes or so troubleshooting, but since others are reporting similar problems right now, I think I'll just wait for Blogger to update their software.

2012 has been an incredible, dynamic year for The Professor and I. We moved (more than once, truth be told.) Moved out of the tower in The Heights, spent a few months living on the beach,  then went on an incredible road trip across the Great American West. After a month of wandering we landed on a hillside in beautiful British Columbia. I now work with some old friends in the valley down below, creating something fresh. We lost two good friends this year, both Mouse and Perci, but we made a new friend, Sir Sam.

I managed to ship a pretty good game along the way, mostly due to the awesome efforts of the creative geniuses at 343 and the hard working kids at CA. I also worked on several books this year: I made good progress on a rather heavy novel entitled The End of the World as We Know It, pushed further into the adventures of Blackhawk, and collaborated with some really bright folks on the games industry analytics front to create  Game Analytics: Maximizing the Value of Player Data, to be published by Springer in early 2013.

What does the new year have in store? More books, to be sure! I've got a great stack here beside my desk, and am hip-deep in the middle of four right now, ranging from Camile Paglia to Paladin Press. As mentioned, I've got a few projects in the works as well -- two or three novels and works of fiction. (100 Murders still shows promise, and I promised someone important that I would finish Book 2 of Hunted at some point.) There's been some discussion of creating a revised edition of Social Game Design -- it's a market sector that has evolved rapidly in the last fourteen months -- to focus a bit more on the mobile side of things. And then there's this new game I'm pretty engaged in...

Beyond the creative projects, The Professor and I hope to spend 2013 in Vancouver, and do a little more travelling. I've got one eye on Paris, Busan, and am still itching to get down to Rio at some point...

For now though, off to punish a heavy bag, read a bit, and get ready for tonight's festivities in Gastown.

Here's hoping your 2013 is off to a great start, and filled with commercial, creative, and personal success!


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