Monday, April 26, 2004

I do believe that I don't believe.

-I believe that this White House is the most corrupt administration since this country was founded.

-I believe that we have pursued a course of foreign policy that has brought us to the brink of widespread jyhad, one in which was have become a hated nation, and one in which, for the first time in my life, almost 10% of the world would kill me on sight if given the option.

-I believe that unless new and pwerful programmers are brought onboard soon, this game will not ship on time.

-I believe that our tech leadership lacks the ability to successfully architect a piece of software in the timeframe we are attempting.

- I believe that my parents will lose their home due to sustained financial mismanagement, stubborn pride, and a complete inability to plan in advance.

- I believe that I will go get high.


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